Cupping Research Program

Our comprehensive Cupping Research Program has three levels: Basic, Intermediate, and Intensive. All three aim to create accurate profiles of our clients roasted coffee. We begin by examining the coffee for two weeks to define the coffee beans flavor profile, aroma, quality, and observe how these factors change over time. Further, the Intermediate and Intensive programs evaluate coffees from four weeks to three months, in order to provide a more detailed analysis of the coffee for our clients.


Cupping Research Program is configured as follows:

1. Create the profile of the coffee

2. Changes in coffee profile over time

3. Effect of temperature and environment

4. Changes in the taste of coffee by the storage material and method


Cupping Research Service Program (this graph needs to reflect layout on google doc)


Basic program

Intermediate program

Intensive program


2 weeks

4 weeks

(more than) 3 months

Cupping test





1 + 2

1 + 2 +3

1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + (5)